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How To Start Your Mornings

Good morning!

It is currently 8:13 am and I woke up today at 7:30am and I feel fantastic! I don’t start work until 9:30 am but It’s been said that waking up early or earlier is good for you. Having a morning routine is the best way to start your morning. Today is only day 1 but I already feel like I have so much time to get things done, like write a blog post! So, I will share what I did this morning!

MY MORNING ROUTINE (tentative to change)

1. WAKE UP AT 7:30AM

The most important step! Try to wake up earlier than usual, this allows you to get a head start on your day! Set your alarm, it will be hard at first, but you can do it!


YES! Water should be the first thing you drink in the morning! Most people need to drink more water anyways so this will be good practice at that.

(Note: I created a morning playlist full of peaceful meditation songs, most have no lyrics just instruments, nature sounds ect, this is where I turn on that playlist)


STRETCH! Or YOGA! Whatever works better for you. While I stretch, I allow myself to sink into a calm mood. Stretching is so therapeutic in the morning. I also find myself sitting hunched over sometimes, so I like to practice sitting with the correct posture.


NEXT, I took a few minutes to meditate, by now a different song has popped up on my playlist! Honestly I do recommend having a morning playlist! So here I am just allowing positive thoughts to take over my body, kicking out any negative thoughts. I will say some affirmations to lead my day like, today will be a good day! I am blessed! And things of that sort.


Here, write down your manifestations or goals for the day! Or simply write out what’s on your mind. Write a poem. Anything at all, it’s up to you. I like to go over goals I’m currently working on and just write whatever is on my mind.


Ask anyone who knows me, I rarely eat breakfast! Which is bad, I know. I’m changing okay! I’m starting to eat breakfast to energize my body for the day. Breakfast is the most important meal of that day right! And by breakfast, I mean an actual healthy meal or shake/ smoothie, not junk food.

7. Gym!

This is a personal step! If you don’t go to the gym, skips this but on gym days, this is where I will head to the gym! On non gym days, I will just get started with the rest of my day like work or whatever else I have going on.


It is also said that you should tackle a difficult task in the morning. If you have a list of things to do, knock out the most difficult or time consuming one. For me, I needed to write my blog posts so today I was able to write this post! Yayyy! Now I can get my day started with a clear and positive mind.

Also, I didn’t add morning hygiene because that is kinda given, so do that whenever you desire. This is my first morning routine, I’m sure it’ll change as I learn more!

Good luck!

p.s. here is the playlist I created ! Updates soon to come.


Photo Credit : https://unsplash.com/@carterjack

Happy September! It’ll be a great month!

Wow, the months are just speeding by!

Happy September!

This month will be a great month! We are speaking it into existence!

– New breakthroughs

– New blessings

– New goals

– New opportunities

– New Mindset

Believe that this month is yours! Because it is! It’s going to full of good things. Buckle up and get ready ❤️

Photo Credit : https://unsplash.com/@katiemoum