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Another Book Review

Okay, I’ve been lagging on book reviews but I’m back!

I’m late, I know, but I recently read the book, You Are A Badass, By Jen Sincero. Wow. Easily made it to my top 5 best books I’ve ever read.


It’s another law of attraction book, but the way the author writes, it almost seems like she’s just speaking directly to you, as a friend. For those of you that don’t particularly enjoy reading, this is a book you will enjoy. Jen Sincero has a way of putting things into simple terms which is helpful.

One main part that stood out to me:

Meanwhile, the truth is, the only questions you ever need to consider when making decisions about your life are:

1. Is this something I want to be, do, or have?

2. Is this going to take me in the direction I want to go (not should go)?”

WOW. this was mind blowing to me.

For so long I’ve struggled with choosing which path to take. For example, wanting to be a writer, I quit so many jobs because they weren’t fulfilling, only to apply for another unfulfilled job. I realized around the time I was writing my book that this is a cycle that’s going to continue. Unless, I stop getting jobs just for the sake of a job, and start looking for jobs within my desired field.

So when I read that part in the book, it hit me. This is what I should have been asking myself and it would have saved me so much time. When I started looking for more writing opportunities, I even decided not to apply for some because it wasn’t “going to take me in the direction I want to go” I want to be a writer, yes, but now moving forward, I want to make sure that I manifest specifics. For example, writing about politics is something that I’m NOT interested in and it’s not the type of writer I want to end up as. However, a writer of let’s say, spirituality or self help, poetry would be something I’d apply for because it would ultimately lead me in the direction I want to be in. Make sense?

– Don’t go to nursing school because your family wants you to, do you want to?

– Don’t apply for a job working for a veterinarian if you don’t like animals.

– Don’t get a SUV because the salesman tells you it’s a great car when deep down you want a sporty car!

Moving forward, ask yourself these two questions when making a decision. See how it changes things.

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Start your year with a vision board!

Hello 2020!

Happy New Year!

I haven’t posted in a while because I needed to take a break and reflect. I’m currently on a social media fast! I’m taking time to figure out what I want to do next and just taking a breather. If you follow this blog then you know I love social media breaks!

Every year, I usually write out a list of goals that I want to accomplish for the new year, but this year I needed something a little more visual.

Vision boards are wonderful.

I’ve never created one before until now, but as I learn more about LOA and manifestation, I’m constantly reminded how great they can be. So I decided to make one!

If you’re not familiar with them, vision boards or sometimes called “dream boards” is putting your goals and dreams on a board! Why? When you can physically see your desires it helps with attaining them. It is important to put your vision board in a place that you will see it everyday. Visualization! When you see your board, you’re automatically going to glance over the pictures and words and start visualizing them. This is good.

Making my vision board was easy and fun! I got a plain white project board from Dollar Tree and old magazines from the thrift store! For specific pictures or words I needed, I printed them out from my computer. I took all the pictures and words and glued it to the board and boom. Done. My vision board now sits on my dresser and I see it everyday.

What do you put on your board?

Anything. Your goals. Your dreams. Specifically for a 2020 VB, you should map out how you want your year to go. Do you want to finally buy a home? Do you want to travel to 5 different countries? For myself, I put a lot of my board but it was mostly the same main goals. My Board consists of travel goals, career goals and financial! I also put things about gaining confidence and loving myself because that’s always good.

If you haven’t made one yet, go make one! It doesn’t take long and it’ll help guide your year! After completing my VB, I am MORE ready for 2020! Let’s do this!


(There aren’t any but here are some things to keep in mind)

1. Write out your goals first! So you have a clear vision of what you want on your board. You’ll save time! Instead of randomly buying magazines and not knowing exactly what pictures (magazines) you’ll need.

2. It doesn’t have to be perfect. This is your vision!

3. It’s okay if you don’t accomplish EVERYTHING you put on it. I have multiple places I want to travel this year but I’m trusting that I will end up where I’m supposed to be this year! It’s perfectly okay if I don’t go to each and every place I want to. It’s okay.

4. After you make your board, go take action! I believe when things are out of your hands, you must let God/ the universe take over and show/give you a way. However, I also believe in “ask, seek, knock,” I believe that you don’t need to know HOW some things are going to happen but search and the way will be provided. If you want to own a Mercedes Benz, you should work towards getting it and trust that you will. You shouldn’t just sit and expect a new Benz to be in your driveway tomorrow.

5. Piggybacking off of #4 Don’t stress. Don’t worry. You may be big dreams as you should, but don’t worry about HOW it’ll happen too much. Do what you can and should and trust you will get it. Like mentioned, I have multiple trips planned for this year. I already booked 3 hotels hehe. It’s going to cost a lot of money, but I’m working hard at my financial goals and I’m letting it go. I’m doing my part, (saving, working) and trusting that I will make these trips!

6. Have fun!!! This is a fun life game, go play!

At the end of the year, look over your board and see how many things have manifested!

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