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Start your year with a vision board!

Hello 2020!

Happy New Year!

I haven’t posted in a while because I needed to take a break and reflect. I’m currently on a social media fast! I’m taking time to figure out what I want to do next and just taking a breather. If you follow this blog then you know I love social media breaks!

Every year, I usually write out a list of goals that I want to accomplish for the new year, but this year I needed something a little more visual.

Vision boards are wonderful.

I’ve never created one before until now, but as I learn more about LOA and manifestation, I’m constantly reminded how great they can be. So I decided to make one!

If you’re not familiar with them, vision boards or sometimes called “dream boards” is putting your goals and dreams on a board! Why? When you can physically see your desires it helps with attaining them. It is important to put your vision board in a place that you will see it everyday. Visualization! When you see your board, you’re automatically going to glance over the pictures and words and start visualizing them. This is good.

Making my vision board was easy and fun! I got a plain white project board from Dollar Tree and old magazines from the thrift store! For specific pictures or words I needed, I printed them out from my computer. I took all the pictures and words and glued it to the board and boom. Done. My vision board now sits on my dresser and I see it everyday.

What do you put on your board?

Anything. Your goals. Your dreams. Specifically for a 2020 VB, you should map out how you want your year to go. Do you want to finally buy a home? Do you want to travel to 5 different countries? For myself, I put a lot of my board but it was mostly the same main goals. My Board consists of travel goals, career goals and financial! I also put things about gaining confidence and loving myself because that’s always good.

If you haven’t made one yet, go make one! It doesn’t take long and it’ll help guide your year! After completing my VB, I am MORE ready for 2020! Let’s do this!


(There aren’t any but here are some things to keep in mind)

1. Write out your goals first! So you have a clear vision of what you want on your board. You’ll save time! Instead of randomly buying magazines and not knowing exactly what pictures (magazines) you’ll need.

2. It doesn’t have to be perfect. This is your vision!

3. It’s okay if you don’t accomplish EVERYTHING you put on it. I have multiple places I want to travel this year but I’m trusting that I will end up where I’m supposed to be this year! It’s perfectly okay if I don’t go to each and every place I want to. It’s okay.

4. After you make your board, go take action! I believe when things are out of your hands, you must let God/ the universe take over and show/give you a way. However, I also believe in “ask, seek, knock,” I believe that you don’t need to know HOW some things are going to happen but search and the way will be provided. If you want to own a Mercedes Benz, you should work towards getting it and trust that you will. You shouldn’t just sit and expect a new Benz to be in your driveway tomorrow.

5. Piggybacking off of #4 Don’t stress. Don’t worry. You may be big dreams as you should, but don’t worry about HOW it’ll happen too much. Do what you can and should and trust you will get it. Like mentioned, I have multiple trips planned for this year. I already booked 3 hotels hehe. It’s going to cost a lot of money, but I’m working hard at my financial goals and I’m letting it go. I’m doing my part, (saving, working) and trusting that I will make these trips!

6. Have fun!!! This is a fun life game, go play!

At the end of the year, look over your board and see how many things have manifested!

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How I Self Published My Book From My Iphone

Would you believe me if I told you my first self published book, Pink Soul was written and published from my iPhone? Well it was!

I used to have a broken toshiba laptop that my little sister had stepped on multiple times, causing the screen to have black spots! So there was no way I could see the screen to type out anything.

During this time, I had a IPhone 7+ that saved my life while publishing my book! Phones have truly come a long way.

Here is exactly how I published my book on Amazon KDP and how you can too! You absolutely NO NOT need a computer to do this. However, towards the end of my publishing journey my boyfriend gave me his old MacBook, but 90% of the work was done from my iPhone.

Note: this is strictly on how to publish on AMAZON KDP, I am not too familiar with other self publishing sites.

How to publish a book from your iphone! (On KDP!)


Iphone (I’m sure any smartphone would work but I’m team Iphone!)

– Some sort of writing app (Microsoft word, google docs, Pages)

– AMAZON KPD Self Publishing account

– Notebook for notes / writing


Create an Amazon KDP account.

First things first, you will need to make an account. Very simple and straightforward! When you sign up for your account you will need to choose basic settings for your new book!

Such as:

What size do you want your book to be?

Do you already have your own isbn number or will you keep the one Amazon will assign to you for free?

What’s your book title?


Do you want a matte or glossy finish?

What genre is your book?

Ect. Ect. Ect.

Once you’ve gotten through these basic settings, now it’s time for the fun part!



My book is a poetry book, so I collected poems I’ve written over time as well as wrote a few new ones. Once I had enough to compose a book, I started forming my book through the iPhone app PAGES. What I like about this app is, you can change the sizing settings, so I researched what size I wanted my book to be and set it at that. (My books dimensions are 5.1 x 7.8). I made sure to carefully study how books are as in title page, copyright page, table of contents and made those pages myself. This is easy to do or you can google templates. Open a book and see how everything is laid out, copy it!

You will want to make sure the font and spacing is to your liking.

Here are screenshots of my book within the app, PAGES for iPhone:

As you can see, I formatted my book as it would look as an actual book!

You can write your book within a app to save time, or if you prefer to hand write, you can do that to.

STEP THREE: Upload your book to KPD.

Once you feel your book is ready, upload it to Amazon KDP, I had no issues with it and if I self publish my second book, I’d choose this service again.

If there are any issues with your spacing, sizing, you will be notified and cannot move forward with publishing until you fix it. (This can be annoying but I promise you will get through it).


Every book has a cover, if you’re using KDP, they give you an option to create one. If you’re like me aka not an artist at all. You can have someone else create a book cover for you. I used the site/app FIVVER to find my artist, SHOUT OUT TO MILANDRA!

On fivver, you can find many different freelancers who offer different services like creating a book cover or formatting your book for you.

Once you have a cover, upload it to KDP!

STEP FIVE: Review your book!

When you’ve finished uploading your manuscript and cover, amazon will approve all your settings. This is where Amazon makes sure your book is error free and ready for publication. If there’s things you need to fix, you will not be able to move forward. If your book is ready, it go time baby!

When your book is cleared, check your book again just to make sure you are satisfied with it.

You can request A PROOF! I 100% recommend doing this!

Proofs are mock ups of your book and you can request them to see what your book would look like once it’s live and people are ordering it. You’ll get a copy or copies and it’ll have PROOF written on it. This is annoying but whatever.


Once you receive your sample copy and you like it, go back to your amazon account and click PUBLISH!!!! Your book should arrive on Amazon with in a few days!



Okay, if you receive your book and you DONT like how it turns out, go back and fix whatever it is that you don’t like, request another sample copy, check it again, then publish.

I received about 3 different versions of my book before I finally loved it and published.

If you have any further questions on how to publish or need a little help or guidance, PLEASE reach out to me! I am more than happy to help you publish your book! I pretty much did this all on my own so I know what it’s like, and if I can make it easier for the next author, I want to!

Leave a comment with questions or email me! Or message me on social media! Whatever is easier for you!

– Erika Jefferson


Instagram/twitter : @erikajeffrsn

Photo Credit :https://unsplash.com/@benjaminrobyn