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Poetry is good for the soul

Since I deleted my writing Instagram, I’ve kind of stopped sharing my poetry / promoting my book. I only *deactivated* my writing account just because I felt like I needed to take a break to figure out which direction I wanted to go in.

I am thinking of bringing my writing instagram account back, once I find a theme and figure out what type of content I want to post regularly. Managing a poetry Instagram account is hard work, but I did enjoy sharing weekly and receiving feedback.

Anyways, managing my blog has been wonderful as well. I’ve felt a sense of control and self expression with my blog. Seeing it grow makes me happy as well, even if it’s only a few new followers a week. It’s still growing. And I’m thankful.

Now back to poetry. I want to start sharing poems I’ve written in the past, in my book, and new ones. I am also working on posting three times a week and sticking to a schedule.

Here’s a poem from my book:

I hope you enjoy the rest of the week! See ya Friday!

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