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for clout.

I recently listened to a podcast speaking on why we post, why we chase the dreams we do, why we create, etc. To sum it all up, the pastor, Steven Furtick, questioned why some of us post on social media or do anything in general. For me, being a writer and of course wanting writing to eventually be my career, this podcast spoke to me. It spoke to me specifically on a creative/creator level. Pastor Steven questioned if we would still post/create/do things if we didn’t get noticed? In a world where people do so much for clout, that is a valid question. Would you still post this if people wouldn’t comment on it? Would you still try and be whatever it is that you are, if you wouldn’t get recognized? if being rich isn’t the outcome? As a writer, I don’t want to ever feel like I am writing to be known or rich or for the wrong type of attention. I write because I love to and I believe we should all do things because we truly desire to. If there is no genuine passion behind the journey, why pursue it? I believe this goes for us all, we should always self evaluate and if we aren’t being honest and genuine with our intentions, perhaps we shouldn’t do it.