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My thoughts on the coronavirus…

These past few days have been crazy, so quickly the world flipped upside down. Madness. Chaos. Coronavirus.

I must admit that I have been super annoyed with everything that’s been happening and I’ll explain why. I guess, I’m going to vent my frustration and who knows if anyone is actually going to read this because we’re all in survival mode currently.

It bothers me how so many people aren’t taking this virus seriously. Yes, celebrities but average people as well. There’s so many jokes, memes, people with “idc” attitude. Now, I’m not saying we should all sit around and be in fear or panic, but to hear what people are complaining about is astonishing. I’m seeing people complain about things closing down, like the gym. THE GYM. At a time like this, who cares about the gym. Workout at home. People are complaining about trips / vacations that they can’t go on anymore. Again, at a time like this, who cares. There are so many who still are going outside because they are “bored” and don’t want to be stuck inside. You are risking your health and those around you. People who are sad over their JOB closing, I absolutely understand. Bills still need to be paid, so you have a right to stress. But, people sad because Disneyland is closed? Get over it.

At this point, staying healthy should be everyone’s concern. I truly have seen people show their true colors with this going on. For those who aren’t affected, please be mindful. It might not affect you, because you have money and can stay quarantined for months. Think of those who are living paycheck to paycheck, missing ONE day of work means not eating, or paying a bill. It’s not that serious, but it is. And if you think like that, it’s probably because it isn’t affecting you. Think of those around you that depend on being employed. Think of the kids that depend on school for meals, now schools are closed.

I’ve started to unfollow and mute people, I know I’m a nobody so my follow doesn’t matter but, I’m over it. Anyone who is showing a lack of empathy on this matter, I don’t want you in my life. Sounds dramatic, but I like to believe I am a person that has a heart and always thinks of people who may have it worse than me. So, if you don’t care about the well-being of people in your community or around the world, you aren’t someone I want to be associated with.

Also, panic buying isn’t helping. There are so many people who can’t afford to panic buy and now have no food because there isn’t any. There are parents who can’t find diapers for their babies because people have stocked up for 7 months. I guess, I just like to be mindful of everyone and theres just so much that goes into this situation. This is crazy, it’s scary. In my 24 years old life, I haven’t seen anything like this happen. We’ve seen things like this in movies and now we’re living in it.

Please keep your conspiracy theories to yourself. Someone who just lost their loved one doesn’t want to hear about how you think the government planned this virus. It’s insensitive.

Please show sympathy. You might not currently be affected by this, but so many people in the world are. if you think now is the time to tell people that they should’ve had money saved up. Please shut up. A lot of people don’t make enough money to save. Keep your financial tips to yourself if it’s going to come off as judgmental or insensitive. If you think people are overreacting, perhaps you’re under reacting. Don’t panic of course, but don’t sit around thinking this is just a flu or cold. It’s more serious than that, we’re in a nationwide pandemic. Take it seriously.

That’s all I have to say. Please stay safe. Be mindful of those less fortunate than you. Help one another. Don’t think you’re invincible. Be kind.

Lastly, I’m trying to stay positive through this all! Meditating, praying, affirmations. Anything to keep my spirits high, stay safe and make sure to care for your mental health. This can cause a lot of anxiety, so care for yourself.

Wait, one more thing! If you actually follow my blog, then you know I am a home care CNA. Long story short, my patients daughter is the most caring person I have ever met. She has 3 young kids and her father to look after. (My patient). She has been running around from store to store looking for basic necessities, food, water, ect. People have been buying out toilet paper and she made sure to give me some. She’s given me toilet paper, paper towels, and even offered to give me food if I couldn’t find any at the stores since it’s madness. This is how we should be acting. Not hoarding, not being selfish, this is the time for people to come together, and help one another. Share.

K now I’m done rambling.

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manifestation: part one

I’ve been getting into the law of attraction and manifestation and so far I enjoy it. This will be a part one of however many posts because I’m fresh into learning about this topic. Law of attraction, to put it simply, is the belief that you can attract things into your life rather good or bad, positive or negative. Manifestation goes hand in hand with LOA and is basically the act of practicing law of attraction in a way. I was first introduced when a coworker mentioned it and since then I have been hooked. My coworker recommended that I read and watch The Secret. I watched the documentary that can currently be found on Netflix or youtube and then ordered the book because I was so interested in the topic. Law of attraction isn’t some weird magic or cult type of thing, so anyone is safe to engage in it. It is simply choosing positivity over negativity and having faith that you can have a life that you desire. I have been practicing it and do notice some changes which I will choose to share in another post, once I’m more comfortable with the topic. For now, I will link a video to my new favorite youtuber, Leeor Alexandra, a spirituality and lifestyle blogger who have numerous videos on LOA and manifestation! Her videos have helped me learn more and anyone interested should check her out!


Leeor Alexandra:


The Secret: