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Throughout my manifestation journey, I have learned a few things (and continue to learn). One important concept I have learned is staying positive in the midst of darkness. It definitely gets hard to stay positive, but ultimately I notice how things turn around when I do.

How I Manifested A Full Time Position:

I am currently a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) for a home care company, I’ve got the opportunity to learn and work with wonderful patients. A few weeks ago, a patient I was working with went to 24 hour nurses only. Meaning, all of his CNAS would no longer care for him. Long story short, I didn’t have another case and after his ended, I would be unemployed until a new case opened up. The weeks leading up to losing my hours I promised myself that I would stay positive and believe that something would happen. However, once it actually came, I let myself sink into negativity. It was depressing, I had just moved into an apartment with my boyfriend. This is NOT the time to lose hours. Worrying wasn’t solving anything and deep down I knew having faith was key, so I told myself I would trust that God would provide a way. Everyday, I would pray and say positive affirmations like, “I will have a new case, I will be okay, Money won’t be an issue,”

About a week after I started manifesting a breakthrough, I received it. I got a call from a case manager at my job and was offered a *temporary* full time case. This patient actually has become a permanent case. BOOM. Just like that, I had manifested hours. Did I mention this case is actually more hours than my previous one with less workload? The power of staying positive and manifesting is real.


Write down what you want to manifest, a job, a new car, better income, ect and truly believe that you will receive it. Stay positive as you allow God or the universe to bring what it is you desire. You must believe that you already have it and no matter how difficult it may seem, believe that it will come. Make sure to date when you have started this manifestation and release it into the universe.

It is very important that you believe that you will receive what you are manifesting. So get started, right NOW!

Remember : Manifesting isn’t religious (if you don’t want it to be). Personally, I believe in God so when I manifest I am trusting God (The universe). However, “the universe” means different things to different people. It is okay to practice manifesting and have no belief in any religious higher power. Some of my favorite law of attraction stories / teachers aren’t religious and when they speak on manifestation, they are speaking from a spiritual or science point of a view. Law of attraction is simply a believe of positive thinking and attracting positive energy.

do what works best for you and believe what you wish to.

Extra challenge: for the remainder of the week, stay positive, if negative thoughts tries to creep inside your head, kick it out! Expect a miracle this week. Expect good news. Expect a breakthrough.

manifestation: part one

I’ve been getting into the law of attraction and manifestation and so far I enjoy it. This will be a part one of however many posts because I’m fresh into learning about this topic. Law of attraction, to put it simply, is the belief that you can attract things into your life rather good or bad, positive or negative. Manifestation goes hand in hand with LOA and is basically the act of practicing law of attraction in a way. I was first introduced when a coworker mentioned it and since then I have been hooked. My coworker recommended that I read and watch The Secret. I watched the documentary that can currently be found on Netflix or youtube and then ordered the book because I was so interested in the topic. Law of attraction isn’t some weird magic or cult type of thing, so anyone is safe to engage in it. It is simply choosing positivity over negativity and having faith that you can have a life that you desire. I have been practicing it and do notice some changes which I will choose to share in another post, once I’m more comfortable with the topic. For now, I will link a video to my new favorite youtuber, Leeor Alexandra, a spirituality and lifestyle blogger who have numerous videos on LOA and manifestation! Her videos have helped me learn more and anyone interested should check her out!


Leeor Alexandra:


The Secret: