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My new goal is to try to read a new book a week, so far it’s been working for me. Doing so, I want to start giving book reviews / recommendations. Mainly, I’ve been reading a lot of self help books but I enjoy reading all types of books so I am going to recommend books of all different genres. Here is a few books you should add to your reading list for October.

THE SECRET by Rhonda Byrne

The secret is a well known law of attraction book that many have heard about. I’ve mentioned this book before and I stand by it 100%. I would recommend reading this book first if you’re just getting into LOA or manifestation. This book truly changed my outlook on everything.


This is the second book on law of attraction that I read and it is now my favorite. It goes in depth on manifesting which I really loved. I would absolutely recommend just ask the universe to anyone! After reading this book, my whole mindset felt energized, refreshed, motivated. While reading, I highlighted many sections because so much stood out to me. Read it!

SALT by Nayyirah Waheed

This is by far my favorite poetry book! It is beautifully written and the author does an amazing job at making you feel emotions as you read. There’s a poem for everyone in this book with poems on different topics. I read this book twice within a few days because I loved it so much.

GO ASK ALICE (anonymous)

Go Ask Alice is my favorite book of all time. It is a story of a young teens battle with drug addiction. I read it years ago and although it is one of the saddest stories I’ve ever read, it opens ones eyes. I would recommend this book, however, if you’re not a fan of heartbreaking stories or reading on drug addiction, this book isn’t for you.

So there we have it! My book recommendations for October! I’ll be back with new books for November!

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pink soul.

Many of you know that I wrote a book, ‘Pink Soul’. However, I am sure even though it’s a poetry book, some will still wonder what the book is about. Poetry is a way of self expression for many writers and that is exactly what my book is. I was in the midst of writing a novel when I realized that I needed more time to finish it and I didn’t really want to wait longer to officially call myself a published writer. I also realized that there were moments that I haven’t spoken about that I needed to. Struggles I was dealing with in silent. I began reflecting on my life and letting it all out into my journals. I was honest with myself, for once. Pink Soul consists of three chapters. The first chapter is what I call the “sad” chapter with poems dealing with heartbreak, mental health, grief and one personal poem about sexual harassment I experienced at age sixteen. The second is a more positive uplifting chapter with poems about love and empowerment as well as poems dedicated to loved ones. Lastly, Pink Soul finishes with a collection of poems about personal awareness, understanding and growth. I am excited to share my work but if I’m being honest I am still terrified. Terrified because sharing your work with people is nerve-racking  but I am ready. I hope those of you that read my book not only enjoy it but find some pieces relatable.

– erikajeffrsn