It’s time to move to a new city…

March 2020 will make it 5 years that I’ve lived in Las Vegas! 5 YEARS! It’s crazy how quickly time goes by.

As I continue to grow and learn more about myself, I’ve realized that my heart truly desires an environment that fits me, if that makes sense. I’m not sure exactly where I would like to move to next, but I want to be somewhere where water is. I want to wake up to a beautiful green scenery, or a nice view of the city. And no where that gets too hot!

I’ve learned that vegas is not for me, but I’m not yet ready to move back to the Bay Area. I want to see more of the USA. I’ve never been to the east coast! I’ve actually only been to two states, California and Nevada! Yaaaay, fun.

I wouldn’t be opposed to living in a different country either, Canada seems beautiful.

My goal is to travel more because there’s so much to see, and I want to find my next home. One day I’d love to be financially stable enough have two homes, one home in my hometown or area, and another somewhere else.

*personal opinion*

I do believe that everyone should experience living outside their hometown or state at least once. Even if it’s just for college or for a few months/ a year. There’s so much more to see than your hometown. Living in a new place also pushes you to grow, if you’re comfortable, there’s little room for growth. You’ll learn so much about yourself while living in a new city.

Thank you vegas.

I am thankful for meeting my bf here.

I am thankful for the cost of living.

I am thankful for the friends I’ve made.

I am thankful I’ve gotten to experience a new city away from home.

But here’s to 2020.

Traveling more in 2020. More soul searching. More growth.

Here’s to finding a new home.

New York?




San Diego?



We shall see.

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