Here’s to more traveling in 2020!

Recently, I’ve had this burning desire to travel the world!

I was born and raised in California, and now I live in Nevada! That’s it, that’s the only two states I’ve seen within my 23 years of existence. My fear of planes is one thing that’s been keeping me from traveling, and money! However, now that I’ve been doing research and seeing how much it actually cost to travel, it’s not that bad! Or at least, not as bad as I thought.

I, like many waste so much money on junk food, clothes, and other things that I don’t really need. When I look back at money I’ve wasted, I realized it could have spent spent on a flight!

There’s such beautiful places all over the world to see! There’s more to life than your hometown.

My goal is to start off flying somewhere close to conquer my fear of flying or even try one of those airplane tours. If I can fly for just 30 minutes or even an hour, I’ll be ready to take on a longer ride!

I’m making traveling more my #1 goal of 2020! It’s going to happen!

Happy Halloween ! 🎃

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