What Does Success Mean To You?

Success is defined in simple terms as accomplishing a desired outcome or the attainment of a certain thing.

Society likes to paint a picture of what success is or what it’s supposed to be or look like. We are told from a young age that we have to go to college, get a good job, have a family and nice home. But, what if that’s not what everyone wants? There are multiple definitions to success and it’s ones personal decision to decide what that is.

For some, success might be being a CEO at a company or becoming a fashion designer. Some dream of owning a brand new home built from ground up. Many are okay with renting. For some people, renting a small apartment in NYC right in the middle of the city while working at a coffee shop can be considered success. Having a certain amount of money is also what some define as success.

I remember I used to work at a popular pizza restaurant and myself and my coworkers were discussing our dreams cars. Most of them named fancy expensive cars average people don’t see on a daily basis like Ferrari’s. I spoke up and said my dream car was a Lexus. I’ve loved Lexus’ for years but have since moved on from them. Anyways, my coworkers immediately ridiculed me for naming a Lexus against the expensive cars costing 100k or more that they had mentioned. I kept saying that I didn’t like Ferrari’s or Lamborghini. Honestly, I am positive if I was extremely wealthy and could afford any car I wanted, I still wouldn’t want one. They’re great cars, just not my taste. Anyways, my coworkers kept saying, “that’s not a dream car, a dream car is something that you can’t really have, you can easily have a Lexus.” Basically, my dream car was too cheap to be considered a dream car. Okay.

I still think about that moment, and I promise I didn’t change my dream car because of that. My current dream car cost around the same as a Lexus. But, I always think back to that moment because they truly believed it didn’t qualify.

I believe this is the case for most things in life. We want to have our dream careers, cars, homes and lives. That is what we would consider success in our eyes. However, it’s important to realize that it doesn’t have to be the same for everyone. It most likely won’t be the same for most of us. And that’s okay. I’ve also met a few people who didn’t look at success in terms of things. They simply say, happiness. Happiness is success. It didn’t matter what they were doing, as long as they were happy, they would consider themselves successful. I absolutely love that point because it pushes one to truly find happiness and with that you’ll find success.

Never look at anyone and compare their success to yours. You might be a doctor and they might be a florist but that’s what they wanted. You might be working a regular 9 to 5 that makes you happy and allows you to do all that you desire and someone might be a millionaire. If you believe you have reached success, then you have.

What is success for me? I believe I will consider myself successful when I am a full time writer. I don’t need to be a rich writer or a famous one. If writing is paying my bills and I no longer have to go clock in to work for someone else. I will have reached success in my own terms. If I am able to take a vacation here and there and not worry about it breaking my bank, I will have reached success in my own terms. If I am able to buy a home, it doesn’t have to be a mansion, just a beautiful home that I love. I will have reached success in my terms.

Like I mentioned, my dream car has changed. It’s okay to change your dreams, plans, or goals. It’s okay for your definition of success to change, as long as, it’s still your own definition. Never let anyone, and I do mean ANYONE, tell you what is or isn’t success. That is up to you to decide.

So, what does success look like for you?

Photo Credit : https://unsplash.com/@ialicantemediterraneanhomes

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