Good Morning!

HAPPY Monday!

Just a quick post to remind us all that this new week will be a good week, Why? Because we are expecting it to! We are believing it WILL.

Most people dread Monday’s, the typical I hate Monday’s attitude. It’s important to shift our mindsets. Instead of looking at Monday’s as a beginning to a long week, we should look at it as a blessing. We made it to another day and we have a chance at a fresh start.


I follow a lot of positive / inspiring twitter accounts and I wanted to share one account / tweet that I truly love!

Idil Ahmed, an inspirational author! She only tweets things to help motivate and inspire you! Following her has improved my spiritual well-being over the time. If you have a twitter account, FOLLOW HER!

That’s all for now, I hope you remain positive this week and month! Expect those blessings and breakthroughs!

Photo Credit: https://unsplash.com/@tury