When Life Is Kicking Your Butt!

Hello! Happy Friday!! We made it to the weekend!

Okay, quick rant post.

Now if I’m being completely honest, these past few months have been kicking my butt! From losing hours at work to car troubles to issues with mine and my boyfriends new apartment..to more car issues. It seems like I really haven’t had a break, but if you’ve noticed, I tend to not show it. Instead, I’ve truly learned how to shift my mindset. I may rant a little about it to a select few people close to me but I don’t like to dwell on the negatives but instead shift it into something positive. One thing I’ve learned to do is simply trust the process. When I was speaking to my cousin today about my latest car issue, she said something that quickly shifted my mood. She said, “You’re being tested! You got this! Wow. Now being a believer of Christ, I’ve heard before that God sometimes will test you with things to see if you believe and trust him through the chaos. Or, for my non religious peeps, the universe or life in general gives you difficulties to test you and make you stronger.

It’s okay. You got this.

It’s easier said than done, but when life gives you difficulties… it’s okay. Take them. Learn from them. Grow from them.

You will come out stronger.

No ones life is perfect no matter how much it may seem like it is. We all grow through things we wish we didn’t.

How we choose to react to our problems is key. Before you get upset, or angry, take a deep breath! Meditate. Pray. Whatever it takes to get you back in a high vibration again. You will get though though this!

Positive affirmations for when life gets a little tough:

– All is well

– I appreciate everything that I have

– I let go and allow the universe / God to do its/ his thing

– I feel wonderful and alive

– I am thankful

– I am happy

Photo Credit : https://unsplash.com/@prateekkatyal

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