Thrifting 101

My favorite hobby (after writing of course) is thrifting! I can spend hours in a thrift store and for sure will leave with something. I might even leave with things that I don’t really need…

But over the years I’ve found name brand things and items from popular stores like:

– Nike

– Adidas

– Kate Spade

– Forever 21

– Fashion Nova

– Kendall & Kylie

– Champion

– Disney

– Levi Jeans ( you know how expensive Levi jeans are! ) *sigh*

– TopShop / ZARA

and more! I can’t name them all I’ve been thrifting for so long but you get the point..

Here’s is how I thrift.


Number one mistake. Thrifting takes time. You need to be able to dedicate time looking through each rack! If you are in a rush you will most likely not find good gems.

2. Check out all local or nearby thrift stores.

I know that some thrifters like to avoid stores in certain areas because of how popular the city / neighborhood is, but STILL GO. People will also avoid shops because they aren’t the well known ones like Salvation Army or goodwill. Local owned small shops are still worthy of the thrift world! Check out all your local shops until you find your go to stores! Also, Don’t let anyone else tell you which stores “suck”. NOPE! Find out for yourself.


Look through every rack! And don’t discriminate on sections. Check out the kids sections! Men’s. Women’s. Furniture. Books. Often people like to hide things in the most unlooked places. Oops, don’t hate me veteran thrifters. You will often find clothing items you like and if you can rock it, buy it! I found some cool “mens” T-shirt’s that I have turned into cropped tops!

4. Half off days are your best friend!

Many thrift stores have half off days! This is who I scored a Nike hoodie for $4!

5. Pay attention to daily discounts

Most thrift stores have daily specials or colors. For example, savers is half off every monday and each day during the week will be a different color representing half off for that color tag. Other stores will have 20% off, 30% ect.

5. Check for new items often

Thrift stores get donations everyday! I’m not saying go thrifting everyday but don’t be afraid to stop by often. I’ve gone thrifting twice or even three times a week at the same exact store and found different things each time! You’d be surprised.

Have fun. Thrifting is fun. You will find cool things if you truly look!

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